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Common Queries and Questions

1. How many destinations do you have?
We have several areas in which we work. These are online stores, import and distribution, production of goods under our own brands, and book publishing.More details
2. Do you have a sales tax certificate?
Yes, we have a sales tax certificate for each respective retail channel or online store. We provide certificates, invoices and all necessary documents as required.
3. Do you have your own brand?
SPMC has several own brands. Prolisok is our consumer goods brand, with which we started our own e-commerce business in 2016. We produce baking products , patio products , and lifestyle products . We also have a toy brand - Booko , which was spun out of book publishing, and we are currently launching a project with Ukrainian cosmetics WCH .
4. How many employees do you have on staff?
Our friendly team consists of 32 professional members in the management department, order processing department, customer service department, Amazon Store department, accounting department, and of course, the shipping department. We are always looking forward to working with you.

SP Market Connection LLC is a retailer of branded authentic products through its own retail channels in the United States.

Phone: (727) 677-9158