Our Company

We have been existing since 2016, but despite our short history, we strive to be a responsible and flexible business.

We strive to design functionally superior products, choose safe materials, and want to improve lives through the high quality of our services.

We see this as an opportunity to grow our business and our brands.

We believe in finding small but significant ideas to improve products or services that will lead us to success.

Our purpose is to live with passion and realize all our ideas to find success.

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Our approach

Values Driven

It is very important to us because we are a small company with big ambitions.
Each member of our team inspires others
to come up with new ideas  

Consumer Obsessed

Our goal is to earn the loyalty and love
of our customers, because they are the
center of our universe  

Focus on Results

Sure, no success without results. We try
to remove all obstacles that come our
way and find all the resources to
achieve our goals

Effective Partnership

The key principles of partnership are
openness, trust, and shared goals
and values

Innovative Thinking

Effective partnerships brings innovative thinking.
By creating something new, we
move our business forward and quickly
adapt to changes and challenges


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Business areas  

E - com

SP Market Connection owns a portfolio of e-commerce companies in areas such as beauty and care, home and lifestyle, interiors, and kid’s products.

A key reason for SP Market Connection’s success is that we know the target market exceptionally well.

We also understand the importance of an attractive, high-quality website to attract customers and accessible social media content. Our customers receive closed discounts on the merchandise via email.


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One of the new areas of SP Market Connection LLC is book publishing.

The book publishing department was established at the beginning of 2020. We managed to build a complex but flexible system literally from scratch. Talented authors capable of writing books on different topics, detail-oriented editors, creative designers and illustrators, meticulous DTP specialists, and responsible project managers got together here.

In 2022 this business was extended to a shop of books and STEM toys as well.

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B2B solutions

Amazon US is the place where the business started in 2016. Here, the founders went through all the trials and tribulations and gained considerable experience in e-commerce. The first employees were trained under the terms of Amazon US. It was here that the customer service department was created, and business processes and rules for this department were developed.

Now we successfully manage own stores on Amazon and train newcomers on how to start safely in this industry .

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Warehouse inventory management doesn't have to feel like a never-ending cycle of receiving, picking, packing, and shipping with no method to the madness. If you take the time now to put the warehouse organization into practice daily, it can feel quite refreshing. 
Operations can run smoothly, products can get picked faster, and employees can be happier with the right tools and techniques. Having our own warehouse, we help small businesses that buy goods from us for Amazon to store them until a certain point.

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Consumer Goods

We work to offer our customers amazing products for baking, home or living. Over the past years, we have launched several products whose success inspires us. With our passion for excellence and innovation, we are ready to help other businesses to launch. We produce:

- Goods for baking
- Goods for home and outdoor
- Goods for skin-care
- Goods for lifestyle

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Dmytro Panchenko

"Employees who feel that management cares about them, not only as about subordinates, but also as about individuals, are more productive, satisfied, and more self-fulfilling. A happy employee is a satisfied customer and more profit."

-Dmytro Panchenko
Yevhen Smyrnov

"Today, many people create products, not companies. The company is a living organism. You should want to build an organization where everyone feels like a member of a team, knows that the company understands their role."

-Yevhen Smyrnov

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